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للبيع فيلا بماونتن فيو ٢ مبانيً ٦٧١ ارض ١١١٠ بموقع متميز تطل علي مساحات خضرا

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رقم الإعلان: TV 3041
17,000,000 جنيه مصرى
الفيلات/تاون هاوس / للبيع
نوع الوحدة:
17,000,000 جنيه مصرى نقدا
حالة التشطيب:
نصف تشطيب
مساحة الأرض:
1110 م2
مساحة المبنى:
671 م2
عرض الشارع:
إجمالى عدد الطوابق:
عدد الغرف:
عدد دورات المياه:
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تطل على:
Overlooking The Clubhouse And Huge Landscape
نوع الملكية:
آخر تحديث:
Sun 4 Mar 2018

ماونتن فيو ٢ فيلا مستقلة
علي احلي فيو ف الكومبوند تطل ع الكلوب هاوس ومساحات خضراء واسعة
مباني ٦٧١
ارض ١١١٠
سعر البيع ١٧٠٠٠٠٠٠
السعر شامل الصيانة

As part of one of the largest and most successful Egyptian Real Estate enterprises , Dar Al Mimar Group (DMG) , Mountain View is not simply a matter of real estate and housing; we provide a lifestyle for those who have high standards , the kind of lifestyle we all dream our children will have one day. Mountain View boasts a multinational management team with local and international experience. This unique mixture of local and international expertise gives Mountain View an edge in the Real Estate market , enabling Mountain View to provide unparalleled services with professionalism and creativity. We aim to provide the lifestyle of your dreams , a way of life that most people only aspire to and rarely achieve. We work day and night in order to achieve the end-result of customer satisfaction , and we tailor our services and units to meet each client's specifications and requirements. Whether successful businessmen or young couples starting their lives together , Mountain View provides them a standard of luxuries , peace , healthy and quiet lifestyle for every age group. We also provide them with a community of like-minded persons where they can live harmoniously together and even make and maintain friendships. Welcome to Mountain View; the life you look up to.


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